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Precision Based Trading

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What You’ll Get

Exclusive Trader Education

Our Precision Based Trading System, Perfect Entry Strategy & Profit Optimization Techniques are devoped in-house by Senior Trader, Jay Forbes. Take your trading to the next level with our exclusive trader education.

Trade Alerts, Entries & Exits   

Each member receiving Trader Growth Trade Alerts and Signals will have exclusive access to each trade we take. This way you can follow along and trade with us as we guide you to success in the markets.

Weekly Video Analysis & Review

Each week Jay Forbes and the Trader Growth team will send you our person view on the market. Each video will be a top-down analysis clearly explaining what to look for in the market, guiding you to trader success.


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What's in the Course

This exclusive Forex trading course was designed for traders of all skill levels.

  • Professional Money Management Lessons
  • Multi-Timeframe Analysis Lessons
  • Our Perfect Entry Strategy
  • 8 Sacred Market Patterns
  • Key Levels for 28+ Currency Pairs
  • Profit Optimization Stategies and much more...

Your Trader Road Map

You'll be given a road map to profitablity. Once profitable, we'll coach you on how to get funding to trade with.

  • Watch the Trader Growth video lessons
  • Join our live weekly calls, or watch the recordings
  • Follow our 5-step trading rules
  • Grow your account
  • Get Funding

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Online Forex Trading Course


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  • Complete Online Trading Course
  • Perfect Entry & Exit Strategies
  • 6 Secret Trading Patterns
  • Key Levels for 28+ Currency Pairs
  • Professional Money Management Rules
  • Members community and chat room
  • Weekly video lessons
  • Live Online Events
  • Trade review videos

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Everything You'll Need!

Complete Online Trading Course

Complete video trading course. 8+ hours of video content.

Perfect Entry & Exit Strategies

Master entires and exits with our Perfect Entry Strategy.

Get Better!

Grow your skills in Forex trading with our Custom Trade Journal and Trader Road Map.

Trader Mentorship

Get weekly videos and access to online mentorship.

Trade from anywhere

Master the Forex markets and trade from anywhere in the world.

New Videos Added Weekly

Trader Growth is dedicated to your success with new videos added weekly

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Master the Financial Markets Today
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